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Joe Oettinger, Ed.M.

Biology, Chemistry, Science, Technology Teacher | Instructional Supervisor | PSAT, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, Math, Test Prep Tutor | Publisher | Webmaster | North Jersey, Bergen County, NJ, New Jersey

Tech Gallery


I possess superior computer and technology skills.  I am proficient in all areas of technology including, but not limited to:

  • All Microsoft Office programs;
  • Internet publishing;
  • Digital audio/video production;
  • Graphic design;
  • Computer maintenance and repair;
  • Animation.


Animation Example: My Three Little Pigs
added 4/13/14

This is an example of the basic animation skills I teach students in a well-equipped computer lab.  For this example, I used PowerPoint to design all of the frames, Windows MovieMaker to produce the video, and a digital recorder for the voiceovers.

Digital storytelling like this is multidisciplinary, creative, expressive, and requires students to make critical choices that affect their communications to a larger audience, all within the context of mastery of nonlinear editing and peripheral technology.  For a lesson/unit like this, student engagement is always very high.

As with anything I teach, I first master the skill so that I can expertly guide students along their journeys.  I made this animation for a grad class in Winter, 2013.  Enjoy!


Ecology Field Trip: Bark Beetle Galleries (Ecology)

On an ecology field trip behind the school, students searched for real examples of ecological interactions.  I recorded some of the students’ findings and created short video segments to use as a review the following day in class.

The benefits are manifold: on the field trip, students could maximize the time spent working in individual groups, rather than go around to see other groups’ findings; I was able to share novel findings across different periods that normally wouldn’t see what happened during the other classes; and the videos provide an opportunity for anybody absent from class on the day of the field trip to derive some benefit from that unique experience.

In the future, I would consider asking students to bring in their own cameras and digital recording equipment to make their own multimedia presentations.

If the video fails to play, click here to go directly to the video.

Bark beetle “galleries” in wood are an example of symbiosis, specifically parasitism. While watching the above video, rehearse with the class terminology related to ecology including symbiosis, parasite, host, benefit, harm, habitat, niche, etc.

In this interaction, identify who benefits and who is harmed, and in what ways?

Have students do a quick internet search to identify the niche of the bark beetle.  Discuss how its niche differs from its habitat.

Reactivity of Group 1 Metals With Water (Chemistry, Periodicity)
This video shows the periodic trends in reactivity of group 1 metals (lithium, sodium, and potassium) with water. I performed this demo live for each of my classes.

The advantages of having a video of this chemical phenomena are that one can rehearse the terminology and concepts of periodicity as a review; one can demonstrate the phenomena without having to perform it, which makes for less preparation and cleanup, and is safer; finally, one can slow down the video to get a better look at the phenomena (this I have done for the potassium reaction, which is explosive).

If the video fails to play, click here to go directly to the video.

Interesting Insect Investigation Intro (Biology, Scientific Method, Inquiry)
Watch the video and devise several controlled experiments to discover the mystery of this interesting insect behavior.  Are you up to the challenge?

Coming Back Soon (check back later).

Binky the Rabbit’s Cells (Biology, Cells)
Binky the Rabbit is always a class favorite.  I originally made this video of my friend’s rabbit just for the fun of it.  But then I realized it could be used in class.  This all came together around the time when we were discussing cells in class.  I used the video to review cell terminology with the class.  As the video played, I asked questions like:

  • what kind of cells is Binky made of? (animal, eukaryotic, etc)
  • what are some characteristics of those cells? (various cell organelles)
  • what are the functions of each organelle?
  • what other cell types are in this video. (plant cells)
  • compare and contrast the different cell types in the video.
  • any other possible cell types in the video? (prokaryotic, bacteria, etc)

If the video fails to play, click here to go directly to the video.

Praying Mantis
Found this praying mantis hanging around the second floor window of a math classroom.  It was well-mannered and hung around for a video shoot before being set free into the woods behind the school.  Up to this point, I had never interacted with a praying mantis.  Pretty cool.

If the video fails to play, click here to go directly to the video.